Terms and Conditions (T&C) for the Use of Workify

  1. Scope: These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the platform workify-europe.com (hereinafter “Platform”), operated by Workify Europe.
  2. Platform Features: The Platform facilitates matchmaking between job seekers and employers through a matching system based on occupational input. Job seekers can fill out a form containing professional and personal information, serving as a resume.
  3. Data Storage: Forms filled out by job seekers are electronically stored for at least 6 months. Deletion of data can be requested via email.
  4. Free of Charge for Job Seekers: The use of the Platform and the form is free of charge for job seekers.
  5. Data Security: Data is securely stored in accordance with EU standards using SSL encryption.
  6. Purpose of Data Transfer: Data is exclusively passed on to interested and verified companies for the purpose of recruiting for a job with a regular employment contract.
  7. Company Control: Companies receiving data from the Platform are previously vetted by Workify Europe.
  8. Responsibility of Job Seekers: Job seekers are responsible for negotiations and contract agreements with companies.
  9. Not a Job Placement Agency: Workify is not a job placement agency. Job seekers are not employed by Workify Europe.
  10. No Influence on Contract Agreements: Workify has no influence on the contractual arrangements between companies and job seekers.

By using the Workify Europe Platform, users agree to these Terms and Conditions.